Swimming Safety Tips

by Peter Constan-Tatos

Summer is here...Water, Sun and Fun !

On the down side drownings will increase. Here are a few quick safety tips to keep your kids safe:

  1. Don't be tempted to leave your kid alone in the bath or by the pool, even for a short time. Let the phone or doorbell ring until you can your child with you.

  2. Empty baths, nappy buckets or other containers should be kept locked away, especially around the garden where you might assume your child is safe - they love to play with water and it does not take them long to fill a bucket from a hose. A child can drown in 30 seconds in only 2 inches of water.

  3. Cover garden ponds with a net or suitable wire-mesh.

  4. Make sure your swimming pool is adequately fenced or covered with a net. Gates should be self-closing.

  5. Train your child in survival skills such as floating or treading in the water.

  6. Ensure your kids are constantly supervised when in the water, even if they can swim like fish!!

  7. Discourage children from jumping in to help other. This often results in a double tragedy. Teach them to throw the victim something that floats or a long object to hold on to. Get them to call an adult for help. Teach simple rescue methods and first aid.

  8. Be aware of the dangers around your home and the suburb where you live. Open masses of water, rivers, canals attract children to play and are extremely dangerous. Teach your kids to avoid playing in these areas.

  9. Watch out for the sun! Yes, sunburn and skin cancers are as dangerous. Use UV blockouts, UV protective swim-wear and r\minimise exposure during the worst times, 11am-2pm.

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This was brought to you in the interest of child safety by SwimEEZY, manufacturers of SwimEEZY swim-aids and BOPPA flotation aids. For more information see our website at http://www.swimeezy.com .

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