Becoming a Plumber

by Sherm Turner

Dear Sherm,
My Boyfriend Needs Job!! He wants to be a plumber but does not know what to do. Where can he apply? How do you get an apprenticeship? What is the pay? How much money can my boyfriend make?

Dear Rita,
Tell your boyfriend to apply for an apprenticeship with the Local Plumbers Union in your area. The pay for union apprentices may start at approximately $22.00 per hr. including fringe benefits. Every 6 months there is a pay increase of approximately $2.00 for a period of about 5 years. He'll end up making approximately $44.00 per hr. including fringe benefits.

Sherm Turner is a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience. "Ask the Master Plumber" is his way of encouraging people to help the disabled, elderly, handicapped and children. If you have a question for Sherm, email it to him at:

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