Growing Wrigley Field Ivy

by Mira Dessy

Dear Mira,
I was at Wrigley Field today, and took a clipping of ivy from the outfield wall. Now how do I keep it alive before I plant it on my parents' outside wall? I need to keep it in my apartment for about a week before I can plant it. By the way, is there a trick to planting ivy? Please help!!!

Dear Mark,
Ivy is really tricky to start from cuttings. I usually don't have much luck with it. But you can try putting it in a container of water and putting that in a location that gets indirect sun and see if it gets roots. If it does let it develop a good root system. Then plant it in a "light" soil mixture to grow. Hope this helps.

If you have a question for Mira, send it to She's able to answer many of them personally.

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