The Frugal Decorator: Kitchen Update to Go!

by Leah Wynne

My local craft store and art supply store sells sheets of decorative paper. It's coloured (or not) and has little flecks of darker and lighter paper running throughout. It's very pretty paper and looks more expensive than it is. If I had to compare it to something, I'd say it reminds me of rice paper. A friend asked how to recover her cupboards without making it permanent. She was only renting and didn't want to sink lots of money into the project and didn't want to leave it when she moved out.

This is what I came up with: Get yourself some of that decorative paper and wrap it around the cupboard, stapling it to the inside of the cupboard. Fiddle around with it until it looks just right, then shellac the paper to a hard finish. This will ensure durability as well as washability, then when you move out, remove the staples and take it off. Simple as that!

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Leah works part-time at a home-decorating store and practices frugal living.

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