About Gardening: Shaded Flower Gardens

by Mira Dessy

Read your column in the "stretcher" newsletter on the net. I am a very novice gardener, that cannot get anything to grow except weeds. All of my gardens never get morning sun and half of them never get any sun whatsoever. Do you have any suggestions for easy growing plants to grow in shade and ones for afternoon sun only. I would love for them to be perennials so that I won't have to buy them year after year. I've tried roses, making a whole new area for them, NO. got rid of the area and grassed it in. I have no problem with grass and keeping dandelions away. Please help with these flower gardens, my children want to grow something in these gardens. Thanks.
Shaded Gardens.

Dear Shaded,
There are a lot of lovely things that grow in the shade and in partial shade. Hosta and ferns are, of course, very popular. Impatiens are a very nice annual but they add a lot of wonderful color. You could also try astilbe, coral bells, jack-in-the-pulpit, or bleeding hearts. Where you have virtually no sun whatsoever you will probably have better luck growing foliage type plants. I find that usually even the shade loving plants that have flowers need some sort of sun. Hope this helps.

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