When You're About to Move Part 3 of 3

by Vicki Simons

Part 1 of 3
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Who will be traveling with me, and how can I prepare them for the move?

TIP: Children may experience "moving anxiety," especially if they are young, if they have lived in only one location their whole lives, or if they have developed close relationships with peers. To help alleviate this, freely discuss the move and the new destination with them. Help them to picture in their minds what you anticipate about the new location based on information you gather ahead of time. Be sure to pack medication for children who are susceptible to "motion sickness." Consult with your veterinarian for recommendations about moving pets, especially regarding food and drink intake, making regular stops, restraining devices, and pet sedatives.

Where will I live immediately upon arrival: permanent or temporary quarters?

TIP: If your new home will not be in "move-in" condition upon your arrival, you will need to determine if a full move is appropriate at this time. If your new home is a "fixer upper," renovation work may necessitate off-site housing. Can you move a few belongings now, with the rest to follow later? Is it economically feasible for you to place your items into storage? If so, where should you place them in storage: near your old home or your new one? Ask your real estate agent for advice about temporary living quarters and storage facilities.

Do I need to plan to take extra money with me when I move?

TIP: Depending on the route you choose to traverse, you may encounter toll roads, bridges, or tunnels. Price may vary by vehicle length, weight, or number of axles. Be prepared to pay cash at each toll facility. (Frequent toll road travelers may choose to purchase prepaid toll cards.) Determine ahead of time if certain vehicles are restricted from using these routes.

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