About Gardening: Grubs & Japanese Beetles

by Mira Dessy

Is there any relatively inexpensive way to treat my lawn for grubs? We just bought a home on 1/2 acre, and buying commercial "grub fighter" for all of it will be quite costly. I've seen grubs and what I think are Japanese beetles - and I have a number of rose bushes that I'd like to protect. Any thoughts?

Dear Karen,
Commercial products can indeed be quite expensive. Treating your lawn I don't think you have a choice. I don't know what sort of grubs you have in the lawn but I find that for good treatment of a lawn the best thing to do is to resort to a chemically based solution that has been formulated to not hurt/destroy the grass.

Japanese beetles are a big pest. I have decided that the traps are worthless because they are based on lure technology. That is, they put out a scent that the beetles find attractive, the beetles then come to the trap, climb in and can't get out. Last year we had a terrible infestation. After I put up the traps my neighbors had almost no beetles because they were all flocking to my yard to get to the attractive smelling (to them) trap. So this year I am going back to the knock-them-into-a-pail-of-soapy-water method. Not pleasant or fun but it does work. Hope this helps.

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