How Much Gas Is Enough?

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
My husband and I were discussing various ideas about the optimum time to refill the gas tank. He says when it's half gone, I say two gallons left is plenty. We've heard that it's good to have at least half a tank in one car in case of an emergency, but I searched all over the net and couldn't come up with any reason to keep more than a gallon or so in the tank except in a very cold winter condensation situation. Do you know any "rules" and sources?

This is what my father taught me years ago, "Bob, Always fill up your gas tank at 1/4 full." well, being a youngster at the time I didn't listen to his wise words and after a while of sucking the gunk off the bottom of the tank, I needed to get my carb rebuilt. Also, the gas gauge of my old beater was not very accurate, and so after having to push it several miles a few times, I learned the wisdom of his words!
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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