No Hot Water

by Sherm Turner

Dear Mr. Plumber,
I recently did an addition to my home where we added a new master Bathroom with a sizeable whirlpool tub. Now our new 40 gallon Hot Water Heater, seems to be runing out of hot water. The hardware store said that there is nothing wrong with the new hot water heater.
Please Help!
-- Shivering Showers

Dear Shivering,
If your hot water heater worked and satisfied your needs before you installed the new addition and new master bathroom, then you should increase the size of your hot water heater from 40 gallon to a 75 gallon and you will have more hot water. Make sure a plumber does this job so you will not get ripped-off.

Sherm Turner is a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience. "Ask the Master Plumber" is his way of encouraging people to help the disabled, elderly, handicapped and children. If you have a question for Sherm, email it to him at: If you've benefited from his advice, please send a free will donation, on his behalf, to a favorite charity.

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