About Gardening: A Sick Rose Bush

by Mira Dessy

Dear Mira,
I recently stumbled onto this fabulous web site and found your column. My sister gave me a rose bush for my birthday in April and I do not have a green thumb. All the leaves on the rose bush turned black and fell off. I have maybe 10 leaves left on it. I looked to see if there were any bugs on it and there were not! I sprayed it with my 409 glass and surface cleaner--because I use that to kill the ants that come into my house. Still the leaves are withering and turning black. (With kids around I hesitate to use anything stronger.) Is there a natural remedy that I can use that you know of to keep the leaves from turning black on my rose bush? Any help would be appreciated.
Kathy in Canton, Ohio

Dear Kathy,
I don't know what sort of infection you have on your rose bush but I suspect it is some form of fungus. The best bet is to go to your local nursery and see what they have that will cure it. Although I prefer natural remedies, I find that for fungal infections I usually have more luck with chemicals than with organic solutions. But that is only my personal experience perhaps there is another reader out there who has an organic answer for you.

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