Toilet Flushing Problems

by Sherm Turner

Dear Sherm,
Our toilet seems to swirl the water around and not flush. We have tried draino & other stuff, but it never works. My sink also stopped up yesterday and the shower does not drain well. Any ideas would be appreciated. We do not want to get ripped-off again.
-- Slow Water Sam

Dear Sam,
First you should have a good plumber clean your drains with an electric sewer machine from the house to the (F.A.I.) fresh-air-inlet pipe out side. Then clean the sewer from the (F.A.I.) to the street sewer. Completely flush out and wash the sewer system afterwards. Then check and test the separate drainage lines to see if they are all right. If not, clean out the separate drainage lines with the electric sewer machine and then flush out and wash your piping.

Sherm Turner is a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience. "Ask the Master Plumber" is his way of encouraging people to help the disabled, elderly, handicapped and children. If you have a question for Sherm, email it to him at:

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