The Frugal Decorator: Display your Treasures with Style

by Leah Wynne

The entertainment centre I have is pretty wide, holding the TV and the Stereo side by side. I've always plastered the top shelf with family photos, but it just never seemed to stand out and grab your eye. I decided it needed a visual punch so here's what I did:

I put my speakers at each end in the corner. Then I placed three or four empty boxes, small ones that had carried Christmas cards and such, all of varying heights and shapes, on the shelf in the middle. I tried to space them out evenly but randomly. Then I covered the entire surface, boxes and all with leftover fabric from my curtains. It's a jacquard floral print and quite elegant.

I kind of tucked and fiddled around with it so it looked pleasing to the eye, but not flat against the surface. Then I put my family pictures on the boxes and I put a glass votive candle holder on each speaker. One more votive holder was placed on the flat surface, not a box, front and centre. I tucked and fiddled a bit more until it was just perfect and now, it looks like a display in a magazine!

This is such an easy way to enhance your display of nick knacks or photos, you don't even need to hem the fabric, just tuck it in discreetly.

Leah Wynne works part-time at a home-decorating store and practices frugal living on a daily basis.

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