Coincidence? Or Did the Dealer Goof?

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
On Sept. 2, I had my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix serviced because the front power window on the passenger side would not open. I was told that the wire had fallen out of the switch in the passenger side door.

On Sept. 5, the passenger window would not open by using the driver's side control. But once I got it open from the passenger's side, it opened from the driver's side as well.

As I was driving on Sept. 6, the "antilock" light was constantly lit on the dashboard, and then the turn signals stopped functioning. When I tried to use the turn signals, the sound from the radio went off momentarily. I then parked in a lot and was unable to restart the car, which I had to have towed.

The dealership is now telling me that I need a new alternator. My question is: Is it possible that an improper repair of the window caused the other electrical problems? The dealer insists that there is no connection, but I am skeptical.

IMHO, if the dealership was to perform a faulty repair, I would think that the worst that would happen would be a blown fuse. If the window motor was drawing too much current (one of the causes of alternator failure) then the protective fuse should have blown. Now, unless all of these things are on the same circuit (antilock brakes, radio, ignition) I really can't see the connection. Looks like it's just a bad coincidence and you will need to replace the alternator.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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