New Septic System Smells

by Sherm Turner

Dear Sherm,
Help! Ever since we got our new septic system about 6 months ago we are getting strong odors outside from the DWV (stink pipe). The odors are especially strong after we take a shower or do laundry. We have tried extending the length of the pipe and have rerouted to the highest point of the roof, but it did not help. We are at a total loss as to what to do. Have you ever heard of bad odors from stink pipes? Is there any way to eliminate the odors with some type of a chemical in toilet? We do not have a trap in the main waste pipe, is that necessary? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Holding Our Noses

Dear Holding,
Yes, if you do not have a "main house trap with F.A.I." (fresh-air-inlet) then all sewer gases will enter your sewer system and smell like a sewer plant. The so called plumber who installed your septic tank 6 months ago did this job incorrectly and that's why your house smells like a stink house. Install a main house trap with F.A.I. and you will not have this problem. Also, get a new plumber.

Sherm Turner is a Master Plumber with over 30 years experience. "Ask the Master Plumber" is his way of encouraging people to help the disabled, elderly, handicapped and children. If you have a question for Sherm, email it to him at: If you've benefited from his advice, please send a free will donation, on his behalf, to a favorite charity.

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