The Frugal Decorator: From Pot to Candle Holder

by Leah Wynne

From Pot to Candle Holder with a Flick of the Wrist

To make one candle holder you need one mini terra cotta pot and the glazed pan that goes with it (usually sold separately), paint and a sponge paintbrush. I use the little 2 oz bottles of craft paint from Folkart or Anita's. Paint the outside of the pot and the bottom of the pan, using a dabbing motion with the sponge brush. Once dry, you can decorate further or leave as is.

Turn the pot upside down and place the pan onto the pot, painted side up. You're candle will sit on top of the pan. Experiment with different size pots and pans and candles. For stability, you can glue the pan to the pot if you want.

Leah works part-time at a home-decorating store and practices frugal living on a daily basis.

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