Other Uses for Eggs

by Isabel Lee

I notice that people advise using eggshells as a mulch. However, before doing so, use the eggshells to clean the insides of glass bottles and jars. Put the crushed eggshells in the bottle or glass jar with some cold water (about a third full). Put the cap on and shake the bottle or jar very vigorously. Empty out the contents and allow to dry naturally. This gives a really good shine to the glass, particularly to decanters. There is no after taste of dishwasher liquid and there is no fiddling around trying to clean stubborn stains inside the bottle.

Another "egg" tip is never to throw away the water that eggs have been boiled in. This water, although not suitable for humans to drink, is full of minerals. Allow it to cool completely and then feed your houseplants with it. I inherited a few rather spindly specimens and, after a couple of months, noticed a marked improvement in their growth rate. Two small spider plants actually produced about six plantlets each and I was able to get another three (free) plants.

Isabel is a single businesswoman, born in Scotland where she lived for the first 26 years of her life. She's lived in London for the last 18 and is the Development Officer at Westminster Cathedral. She's learned over the past 18 years how to get the best (and cheapest) out of London. If you are planning a trip to London or the UK, please get in touch. Isabel says she'd be delighted to help with information on her country.

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