MakeStuff: Your Thanksgiving Table

by Christine Torres

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Napkin Rings

Cut a toilet paper tube into thirds. Paint inside and out. This year I'm working with a raffia theme, so I wrapped my napkin rings with plain brown raffia strips, but you could use any thin ribbon or material. Glue one end to the inside of the tube, then wrap around the outside, loop inside, and so forth, until you have wrapped the entire tube. Leave a little space between each "wrap" so the paint shows through just a bit. Glue the trailing end to the inside of the tube. Decorate the outside with a sprig of fall grasses, a small colored leaf, etc. I used wheat, but just about any wild grass looks nice. Tie a bow around the grasses with ribbon or raffia and glue to the side of the cardboard tube.

Placemats and Napkins

Using pinking shears, cut up an old pillow case. One standard pillow case will make four placemats. Use the same theme you used for your napkin rings. My napkin rings are wrapped with raffia, so I glued strips of raffia around the edges of each placemat. If you want something you can wash and save for next year, use fabric paint - dab a little paint on the grasses and press onto the material to make prints, or lightly pound freshly picked fall leaves onto the material. For a final touch, make a sprig using wheat, wild grasses, leaves, etc., and wrap with raffia or ribbon. Glue to the corner of each placemat. For the napkins, cut up a second pillow case into approximately 10" x 10" squares. Use pinking shears to trim the edges.

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