Creative Thrifty Decorating

by Leah Wynne

Sometimes the best part of thrifty decorating is pushing yourself to see how creative you can be. Always keep your eye open at yard sales and thrift shops for items you can use to decorate your home. You've probably heard this before. But in order to be truly successful you have to open your mind to different possibilities. Don't just look at something for what it is, look at it for what it has the potential to be.

Think about what your need is, then think of what you have available. My son's desk collapsed recently. I thought I needed a new desk for him. What I really needed was a flat, horizontal surface upon which to sit and write - not necessarily a desk in the traditional sense. I was driving by a kitchen and bathroom store and outside, leaning against their dumpster was a piece of discarded countertop. It was the perfect width and length for a desk.

I picked it up and headed to Home Depot. Instead of buying precut table legs , I bought a 2"x2"x8' piece of wood and had them cut it at the right height. To mount, I just added a brace on the wall (a 1"x2" piece of wood installed with anchors). I attached two legs to the countertop at the outside corners. Then I just laid the countertop on the brace and screwed it in place. To make this a space saving desk, I could have installed hinges on the brace and the two legs and it would have folded down.

I also employed this idea when I needed a sewing table. I dismantled a kitchen table and mounted one half of the table to the wall using only two of the original legs. The other half of the table sits in my bedroom covered with yards of lace and fabric. It is my dressing table.

When I needed a set of bookshelves I didn't go buy some. I pulled my set of bunkbeds out of storage and went to work. From one set of wooden bunkbeds, I made two unique sets of bookcases and the leftover wood was fitted into an alcove in the dining room, which I use as a 'bar' to display my fine crystal. The next time you have a need, look around to see if you have items in your home that can fulfill it. When shopping, don't ask what it is, ask what it could be.

Happy Decorating!

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