The Debates

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Dear Bob,
We are having 2 debates and you may have the opinion or facts we are looking for to resolve the unknown. We read the article of yours on synthetics and some have changed to synthetic hoping to change their oil once a year (approximately 15,000 miles). Good or bad?

And we also need an opinion on octane. Should we spend the extra on the high octanes or save our money? And is there such a thing as detergents in certain fuels?

You actually ask three questions. In reverse order,

3) Yes there are detergents in gasoline. The US EPA mandates that all gasoline sold carry at least a minimum additive package.

2) Octane- Does your car require the higher octane? Look in the owner's manual for the car and see what it says. Some cars are manufactured to operate on certain octane fuel. Then, do you feel a performance difference with the higher octane? Do you like it?

1) Even though Synthetic oil is rated for 10,000 or more it should still be changed at 3,000 miles. It is NOT THE BREAK DOWN OF THE OIL, but the suspended dirt and particles that we need to worry about. The oil is the life blood of your car, keep it clean and your car will last. Now, if you are so inclined to leave the oil in for 15,000 miles, at least change the filter every 3,000 miles to maintain cleanliness.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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