Lunch Tips and Tricks

by Tam Martin

  • If your kids want those expensive little lunchables to take to school, buy one and then reuse the container to put your own fixins in.
  • A toasted English muffin, a baggy with 2-3 teaspoons of tomato sauce and a bag with cheese and pepperoni makes a great, fast lunch.
  • On Sunday nights, get out the chips, cookies, gold fish, etc., and fill little baggies so they are ready to go when you pack lunches. You may want to hide these so little people don't eat them and then not have them for their lunch.
  • Line up 14 slices of bread, and create an assembly line. Place the meat on the slices and place in baggies. Send along a small baggy of mayo or mustard, or even save packets from restaurants that you don't use. The sandwich will be thawed out by lunch time and all your child needs to do is put on the condiment. No more soggy bread!
  • Make your own pudding cups with small plastic containers or reuse yogurt cups that have lids.

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