Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

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Fun and Simple

An inexpensive Halloween Costume for kids is to go as a Lego. My cousin made this for her 5 year old. She just got a box, cut holes for arms and head, inverted six butter dishes and hot glued them on the front in two rows of three. She then painted the whole thing red, dressed him in red sweats, and voila! He was a Lego. So cute, easy and best of all, not expensive!!
Christine G.

Lady Bug

Last year my daughter was one year old at Halloween. I made her a lady bug. It was really easy and people thought she was "adorable"! What I did was get her a black sweat suit, and made a lady bug shell out of red felt (cut 2 ovals, about 1 foot long from top to bottom), and then glue on one of them some black dots made out of felt. After all that's done, glue the edges together but leave just enough room to put some stuffing in there and then seal it with glue (I used a glue gun for everything). When that's dry get 2 safety pins and attach the top of the bug shell to the top of the sweat shirt, on the back, and another pin at the bottom, so it looks like the back of the shirt is a lady bug back. Then get a plastic head band and 2 black pipe cleaners and glue 2 red pom poms to the top for the antennae. This costume went over great, everyone loved it!

Littlest Policeman

I dressed my two-year-old as a policeman one year--but the costume cost far less the store-bought kind and looked much more authentic. I got out his long-sleeve, navy blue slacks and shirt set. I stitched long, narrow strips of light blue cloth down the sides of the pants (special glue could also be used). I bought a small navy-blue cap at a dollar store and put alphabet stickers from a cheap stencil kit on it to read "POLICE." Then I attached a sheriff's star to his shirt, and put his black shoes on. Simple, cheap, and very cute! Looks like the real thing!

It's About Fruit

Bunch of Grapes: Start with all purple (or green) turtleneck, sweats or tights, etc. Blow up purple (or green balloons) and stick all over body. Easy, and all you're buying (hopefully) is the package of balloons. A family could be the Fruit of the Loom family with a bit of imagination on the other fruit.


One costume that my Husband and I wore one Halloween was very simple . We were the King & Queen of Hearts. I took 2 large pieces of card board, for each of us, and glued cards all over . I used a red deck for me and a black deck for him. He took small pieces of cord and put two together so you wore one in the front and one in the back. We decorated old hats with cards as well and I also made a tote bag with cards on it. It was a big hit and was very inexpensive to make.
Evelyn T.

Black Spider

A wonderful furry black spider is a fabulous costume. Buy black fun-fur fabric - 45" wide. Measure from your child's knees, over the shoulder and down his/her back to the back of the knees again. Cut the fabric to that length. Fold the piece in half & cut a slit where the child's head will come through. Then cut/tear 4 - 4" wide 45" long strips from the remaining fabric. The fun fur will curl if torn and will be perfect spider arms. Stitch the arms along the center back of the costume & tie the arms together with black yarn leaving a few inches between each arm. Leave extra yarn at the top so you can tie the top costume arm to your child's wrists. When they lift their arms, all the spider legs go up. My kids had tons of fun with this costume and it took less than 45 minutes to put together!! P.S. The family theme can be Mother Goose characters that complement the spider.
Diana B.

Kennel Club

One year our family went as puppy dogs, we all wore dark cloths, and I cut out dog ears from felt and sewed them on to head bands, then we used black face paint to put on noses and whiskers, everyone loved it! Now that we have a dog who seems to like to out grow her collars we are going to use them on our next puppy adventure! The next suggestion I have is to use sweats, I always hit Wal-Mart in February/March to get them on clearance and then at Halloween time I have the kids decide what costume we can make out of their sweats. Then when Halloween is over, I put the costume parts and pieces in a box and the kids have a nice pair of sweats for winter!

Stinky Suggestion

Easy skunk costume:

packing peanuts
Black sweatshirt
White & black "fur" fabric
headband or black hat
pink felt

Sew white fur fabric ovals on front and back of sweatshirt. Size varies with size of sweatshirt. For the tail, sew oval of white and black fir together leaving 1 end open. Fill with packing peanuts & stitch shut to bottom back end of sweatshirt. Length of tail should be length of sweatshirt. Use clear thread or line to attach tail end to neck of shirt leaving a few inches between the neck and the tail so it sways when you walk. Decorate a hat or headband with fur ears and white fur tuft in the middle. Use pink felt for the middle of the ears. Wear black pants and shoes to complete the look. Also gloves if desired.
Nancy W.

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