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We made our daughter a tiger costume several years ago. We bought a pair of orange "sweats" for about $10. We then got some black material and cut stripes about 2 inches wide and basted them onto the orange sweats. Then some orange material sewed lengthwise, turned wrongside out and stuffed made a tail. Total cost was about $12, including the sweats.

Our original intent was after Halloween was over, we could easily remove the stripes and she would have a nice play outfit with the sweats. She objected to us removing her stripes. She enjoyed playing tiger after Halloween was over.

Look Ma...No Cavities

I saw a great idea for a costume that was not only cheap, but looked easy as well. This child was dressed up to look like a tube of toothpaste. They took a white round pleated lampshade and placed it on their head as the toothpaste cap and then dressed all in white; white turtleneck, sweatpants, socks and gym shoes, they them used a white sheet draped from the shoulders down (kind of like a gown) and either painted or took colorful felt pieces (even construction paper would work, as long as it's not raining) and cut out letters to form the name of their favorite toothpaste. The letters where then vertically attached all the way down the front of the sheet. I suppose if you wanted to get really creative you could take a ring (like a hula-hoop) and hem it into the bottom of the sheet to make the tube seem fuller at the bottom. I suppose if you had to, for a smaller kid you could make do with a Cinch Sak kitchen garbage bag. Cut holes in the sides for the arms and cut the bottom open, gather the bags pull strings at the top, tape on some letters and throw on the lampshade and voila your done! As always, you want to be careful when using bags around children to avoid suffocation.

Just about everyone has a pleated lampshade, and a white bed sheet or garbage bag!
Walter B.

More costume ideas: Inexpensive Costume Ideas for the Family

Two Fun Ideas

Here are some simple ideas that I have done in the past. Since I a do not sew much most of these were handled with a simple glue gun and some hand stitching.

  1. Bumble Bee: Start with a black shirt or sweat shirt. Take some yellow felt or whatever yellow material you can find.....even a yellow towel from a garage sale...and cut into strips. I then glued those onto my shirt. For wings I then got some old coat hangers and bent them into small wings and covered with white tulle....again you can cover with anything, paper or even a white plastic bag. I then attached a few strings on them with black ribbon so that I can wear them over my shoulders like a back pack. The antenna were made from wire attached to my hair band and foil balls on top. This took me about 2 hours to make since I had to hunt everything down and only use materials I had in the house. This was pretty easy and very frugal!
  2. Little pig: Take a pink or peach sweat outfit....maybe able to find at a garage sale or thrift store and them stuff them with whatever...clothes, pillows, etc. Then put on a vest and create a nose from a paper towel roll and some paper. Create ears from paper too and attach them to a hair band or some sort of ribbon. Another idea that maybe easier for the ears is to buy a paper top hat from the store and just add ears like they are part of the hat. Again a relatively easy costume....and not much cost involved.

Nicole M

The Pea Family

Friends of ours went as the "Pea" family one year...They wore green sweat shirts. One had a paper "P" pinned on the shirt and had darkened in his eye...he was a "black-eyed pea". The other one cut a "P" in half and attached each half to a string and hung it around her neck...she was a "split-pea".
Pat L

No time to DIY?
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A Precious Gift

For my daughter's first Halloween, I took a box that a case of copy paper comes in, wrapped the largest part in Christmas wrapping paper, cut a hole in the bottom and arm holes on the long sides, turned it upside down and slipped it over her head and tapped a Christmas bow to her head (not enough hair for a real ribbon!). This was the most thrifty costume I've ever come up with for her since! This was perfect because she could wear her footie jammies and stay warm and dry and not trip over any long robes.
Carol F.

A Greek Goddess

One year I was a Greek goddess ( I used old sheet, cut it to fit at an angle; I bought some silk flowers, and cheap rubber thongs, and some gold cording at Michaels: My friend spray painted my thongs and silk flowers with gold spray paint (.99 Krylon); I had some brass bracelets for my arm, used the cording around my thongs and the rest tied around my white toga--it was fit around one shoulder; put the gold flower wreath around my head, and did my eye makeup to the extreme- I danced the night away; used the thongs later that summer and the cording came in handy later on as a belt.
Dianne W.

Come As You Are?

My husband and I needed a costume at the last minute one Halloween so chose to go in our flannel pj's and slippers. I brought along a coffee mug and he tucked a newspaper under his arm to complete the ensemble. When we stopped to pick up another couple who was riding to the party with us, they were bemoaning their rather uncomfortable costumes, so they joined us as a "slumber party" instead. We've enlisted another couple this year and the six of us are going as the Brady Bunch with some fun finds from the Good Will.

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