Stalling Taurus

by Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

I suspect I have a fuel problem on my '92 ford taurus. About 10 months (late Nov.) ago the car completely died (in motion) and required a new fuel pump. Since then it has run fine, except on colder mornings. When it is cold it will start and run okay, but stall shortly afterwards and sometimes won't restart. This sounds very similar to what I would expect from a carburated engine, but this is a fuel injection system.

Additionally, I know the fuel pump is working, although is reuns constantly and is noisy (I know this by comparison to my other '92 Taurus which does not make this constant hum by the fuel tank.) Finally, it rarely get cold here, perhaps in the 40's in the mornings so I don't think it is freezing anything. What do you think is causing the stalling and failure to restart and what can I check out to try to fix it?
Derek G.

A second bad fuel pump! They should NOT make that hum... since you have 2 cars, you know what it should sound like... if the new one hums real loud, then I suspect that it is bad! The reason for the stall is probably low fuel pressure.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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