Inspection Station Fails Her Steering

by Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

Dear Bob,
The mechanic, who rejected my safey inspection for my car said, "I needed my power steering fixed." He ball parked it at $1500-2000 to get fixed. The car seems to be working fine. It is an '89 Dodge Shadow and not worth putting a lot of money into fixing it. Is it his opinion or is it a fact? How can I contest it? Thank you.

Was this a state inspection place or just a local gas station? $2000 seems really high and state guys usually don't quote prices. Now, it is possible that the steering rack could be worn. It happens. Also, the ball joint and/or tie rods may need attention. I would get a second opinion and tell the first guy to take a hike! But, your steering is very important! If any of the components were to fail while driving, a serious accident may occur!! So get it checked by someone else!
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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