Everyday Items for Great Holiday Decor

by Annette Rogers

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The most touching and cherished decorations are made by hand. Try these quick and easy homemade decorations that can be made at the last minute with easily found items around the house.

Paper Dot Garland - Plain white self adhesive dots can be transformed into a cheerful inexpensive colorful garland. Color dots with wide felt tip markers. Stick them back to back, onto a nylon or gold thread which will be silky and sturdy.

Dot Wrap - Use the same colored dots, and stick to solid colored wrapped gifts or gifts wrapped in tissue paper.

Flowerpot gifts and decor - Collect terra-cotta flower pots, they can be left natural or spray painted gold or silver. They make wonderful hostess gifts, centerpieces, and they are so quick and easy to make;

Sand Flower Pots - Cover drainage hole with aluminum foil, fill with sand, add a bow, wrap with garland, insert a candle.

Flower Pot Centerpiece - Fill with sand as mentioned above but add evergreens, dried or fresh winter fruit, tie a ribbon around flower pot, insert a tall candle stick.

Make you own votive candle - Using winter fruit you can make wonderful votive candles. Hollow out the center of oranges or apples, add a small tea light candle. Shave the bottom of the fruit to allow for a flat bottom. Try hollow out artichokes for a more unusual look.

Homemade Wrapping Paper - Comic pages from the newspaper make great wrapping paper especially for kids. A child's art work, left over wallpaper. shelf paper, magazine pages taped together make for an interesting collage.

Great bathroom decor - Fill small bowl or decorative container with potpourri, add votive candles, when candles heat up they will release the scent from the potpourri.

Easy quick Ornaments - Gather pinecones dip into white paint, while still wet, add glitter, hang from tree or window.

Golden Leaves - Spray paint leaves found in your yard, thread with thin wire or thread to make garland.

Wooden Sewing Spool Ornament - Take old wooden spools used for thread, cover with felt or paint, add buttons, sequins, hang on tree or garland.

So sit down brew yourself some hot cider and be creative and have fun with your cherished homemade decorations.

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