The Key to a Successful Future

by Doris Dobkins

KEY? What do you think of when you hear the word "Key?" Do your ears perk up? Do you think you are about to learn something significant? Well, I thought I would look up the word in the dictionary and give you a really profound definition.

Here is what I found:
key[ki:] 1. Schlussel 2. Losung .3. Springender 4. Punkt

Well, I couldn't find an English dictionary so that's what my English/German dictionary said. So much for that idea!

Moving right along, something that is "key" is an indicator, insight, manifestation, or guide. It is something very important that we should pay attention to.

Well, I am going to tell you here what the most successful and financially independent people have in common. It is a KEY piece of information to your financial success.

The most successful and financially independent people are goal-oriented. They clearly define their goals. This allows them to visualize the future and focus on a plan for prosperity.

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Do you like to plan for the future? How about even planning for just the month, week or day?

A big key to being successful in managing your money and building wealth are to define what you are after. In other words, be clear about what you want. Once you have a goal, then you can easily outline strategies for achieving it.

Wealth is not defined by your income - but rather by your outcome. Real wealth is not how much money you make but how much is left over. Most financial traps are a result due to a lack of direction, lack of knowledge, and/or a lack of financial control.

Step I: Identify where you are now. Write out your current situation, your income, expenses, assets, talents, debts, etc. Then determine that you will take control of your finances. If you are thinking of excuses why you can't take control of your finances now, then write all your excuses on a piece of paper. Get them all down there in black and white. Good, very good! Now torch the paper! If you focus on excuses, you will not produce results.

Step II: Define your goals in life. List them all. Make categories such as personal dreams, financial goals, talent goals, time goals. The ideas may come slowly at first but keep at it. Soon your pen should just be flowing with ideas.

Include long term and short term goals. If you had unlimited time and money, what would you do with your life? What would you like to be or become. Do not put any limits on anything and do not focus on any negatives. Remember, we already burned that list of excuses a little while ago.

This list will allow you to look ahead and see future possibilities and opportunities instead of problems and roadblocks. It will also keep your dreams alive and help you stay focused on your goals. Half of your power to accomplish something is to define what you are after.

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So, put your financial goals in writing. Make them tangible. It is a KEY to obtaining your SUCCESSFUL FUTURE!

"I expect to spend the rest of my life in the future, so I want to be reasonably sure what kind of future it is going to be. That is my reason for planning."
- Charles Kettering, Industrialist, 1950

Doris Dobkins is a money saving expert, author and speaker and has helped thousands of people find ways to save money and get out of debt.

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