Backyard Nature Notes: Bed Down the Garden Before Winter Winds Strike!

by Carolyn Allen

Mother Nature has definitely been wreaking unpredictable weather patterns from severe nationwide drought to multiple hurricane systems up and down the East Coast.

Before the season turns undeniably frosty and thoughts turn to indoor diversions, now is the time to prepare your lawn and garden for the rigors of old man winter.

Here's a Fall Clean-Up Blueprint to help accomplish this task:

  • Plant bulbs for spring color
  • Apply top layer of compost to flower beds
  • Cut down all remaining perennial debris
  • Spray Wilt Proof on new hollies to protect against winter burn
  • Final cultivating of compost or mulch on top of flower beds
  • Last cut of grass areas -- cut lower than normal
  • Burlap or cover delicate plant material
  • Mulch roses
  • Stake driveway for snowplow -- marking anything to watch for
  • Bring clay pots inside
  • Bring in watering hoses and make sure water is turned off inside
  • Have a supply of saltmelt, sand, or kitty litter by steps that might freeze over

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