Timely Pooch Tips

by PoochGranny!

Of course, we all know you can give a pooch some aspirin for aches and pains--especially older dogs with aches & pains. but--PoochGranny says to beware the candy coated aspirin tablets! They can badly hurt or maybe even kill your pooch! We've heard of pooches that ate a lot of them---thinking they were candy! They paid a terrible price! PoochGranny says the poor pooch cannot smell the aspirin itself when it is coated with the candy stuff. Pooches would probably not eat it if it just smelled of aspirin. Anacin works well also. It contains aspirin.

Just keep your pooch out of the medicine cabinet!

And, believe it or not, PoochGranny has found that Pepto-Bismol can help your pooch with an upset stomach! Since we humans get 2 tablespoons, a fifty pound pooch would get about one third Of that as a dose. Figure it out for your pooch! It really works! Just don't give too much! Often works just as well as some high-priced prescription!

And just like humans, if your pooch is on antibiotics remember to give him/her cultured yogurt with acidophilus, which will help replace the bacteria the antibiotic destroys in the pooch's stomach!

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