Save That Scrap Paper

by Marybeth Henry

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Do you ever print out something only to realize you meant to double-side print it? Or there's a glaring mistake in the middle? Or, oops, the printer was set for 5 copies and you only needed one? Don't toss that scrap paper. There are lots of uses for it. Here are just a couple:

  1. Packing material. Like newspaper, scrap paper (especially if you have a shredder!) makes great packing material for anything you might send in the mail
  2. Drawing paper for the kids. I keep a large supply of scrap paper with my daughter's paint set. She doesn't care what's on the back of her paintings. As long as she's allowed to paint, she's happy!
  3. Notepaper. Cut the scrap paper into quarters and use it for grocery lists, phone messages or notes to yourself.
  4. Draft paper. If you're printing something out in draft form that you want to look over before you print a final, you can use the scrap paper to do it. (I also use the scrap paper when I'm printing recipes off my e-mail and don't want to use an entire sheet of new paper for it)

Just a few ideas. So the next time you make a printing error, instead of filing it in the circular file, find another use for it!

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