How To Protect Your Family In The Event Of A Disaster

by Doug King

What kind of insurance do we all need and yet only 1%-2% of Americans have? Give up? ...It's emergency preparedness supplies.

Do you have enough mobile life-sustaining supplies to carry you three to five days when a disaster occurs? Can you tell me when the next flood, winter storm, earthquake, tornado or other disaster will happen? We don't really know, do we.

Here is a basic list of supplies:
[ ] Emergency Disaster Guidebook
[ ] Knapsack, Waterproof
[ ] Knife Pocket-Tool
[ ] First Aid Book
[ ] Cash
[ ] Shelter - Scout Tent
[ ] Sanitation
[ ] Water Purification Pills
[ ] Mylar Rescue Blanket
[ ] Fire Starter
[ ] Papers, license, insurance
[ ] Food - lightweight
[ ] First Aid Kit
[ ] Heat
[ ] Gloves
[ ] Light
[ ] Prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc.
[ ] Communications: Solar - hand crank radio
[ ] Water placed next to your kit

Doug King is an emergency preparedness writer/consultant and the author of The Emergency-Disaster Survival Guidebook.

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