Sometimes When You Don't Have a Plan; You Don't Fail

by Lisa Moore from 2nd Helping

Many will promise to lose weight, save money, give to charity, go to college, travel, buy a house, a fancy sports car and a host of other well felt desires. Six weeks later most of us are saying 'What was I thinking?' Then we continue our lives, maybe a few dollars poorer and a little wiser.

Businesses know that you are frail during this period. With the holiday season just passing, you might have over-spent, over-ate, over-worked, over-stressed, you might have received some money as a gift, or you might not have received what you wanted. Whatever the case might be, you are at your peak to make hasty choices. Therefore, businesses count on your bad judgement during this emotional time of the year.

The gym is a great example of this. In mid-January, all the machines are full with new customers with the new workout shoes, outfits and sports drinks. Some buy lifetime memberships, so that they can come daily to fulfill their resolutions to lose weight and become fit. By March the gym is empty and the outfit and shoes are in the bottom of a closet in a gym bag with a moldy towel.

We have been programmed to change ourselves with the coming of the New Year. Nothing is more romantic then making a resolution as the champagne is popping in the background. Now we are faced with a new year. We should plan to do something, right? This is the big one, if we don't plan to do something now, we might miss out. Maybe not-- at least just not yet.

If you want to change something around this time of year, start a goal road map. Most of us wouldn't think about driving across a new country without a map, yet we dive into new territories of our lives without a clue where we are going, The first thing you need to do is find where you are in your journey. Once you find where you are, list where you would like to go. Then make your plan.

Take it easy on yourself this New Year and you might just save a few bucks. Who knows? Maybe in a few months you can buy that Exercise King you saw on TV (for 12 easy payments of $79.99) at a yard sale for a couple of twenties. Now that is a New Year's resolution we all can live with.

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