Frugal Fitness: Losing Weight While You Watch TV

by Greg Landry, M.S. Exercise Physiologist

This week's "Frugal Fitness" features a letter to Greg from one of his readers.

Hi Greg,
I'm writing with a tip for your readers. I bought your book a while back and it has been great! It informed and motivated me to do something about my weight. I decided that I would use my stair climber as my primary form of exercise. I really enjoy watching TV, especially movies. So I told myself that the only way I could watch TV is if I was on my stair climber. No, not sitting on it but actually using it. I set up a TV/VCR in front of my stair climber.

I really cannot believe how that has transformed my exercise time. Time passes so fast when I'm exercising because TV takes my mind off what I'm doing. I'm exercising about two hours almost every day (about the length of a movie). I've lost 63 pounds in ten months and I only have about 10 more pounds to go. As far as eating, I've just limited my fat intake to 40 grams per day and I eat most of my food before 2:00 pm. My dinner meal is always small. I've found this easy to do.
Jenny in Orlando, FL

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