Ready Made Potatoes

by Phil McPeake

I discovered a way for myself that is similar to the idea of creating a "All- Purpose Ground Meat Mix" by Deborah Taylor-Hough ( and it is this:

I buy a 5 pound bag of red potatoes in the store for about $2.00 or less and bring them home to cook all at once in a large 6 quart pot, then let them cool overnight, then the next day peal them and finally dice them and put them in containers for individual meal sized containers (this makes about 8 to 10 containers depending on how much you want in each container).

I live alone, so I make them for a serving for one person. I like mine fried, so I just take out a container, heat up my pan with a little vegetable or olive oil, put the potatoes in the pan and spice them with garlic salt and black pepper (you could use other spices as well or cook with sliced and diced onion, green or red peppers, etc.,) put a lid on the pan and basically reheat them and brown them to eat with other precooked items like fried chicken breast or some other item.

I make a lot of other precooked items as well, other examples are: precooked sausage, stews and chili, home made pizzas, barbeque style chicken wings, smoked salmon made out on the grill are just a few other examples of things that I cook all at once then package up and freeze to eat at a later date by heating in the microwave oven.

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