Crafty Snowmen

by Linda Williford

Recycle lightbulbs as a whimsical snowman!


  • #3 round eterna bristle brush or stippling brush of your choice
  • #1 small round detail brush
  • Paints: white, black, orange, red
  • flat white spray paint
  • small scrab of fabric
  • 6 oz. styrofoam cup/li>
  • small gold thread or cord for hanger


  1. For hat: preheat oven to 350 degrees. Turn styrofoam cup unpside down on cookie sheet and place in oven. As it warms, it will shrink. Remove from oven and immediately turn up some of the edge for a brim. Note: No two hats turn out alike. You get some really interesting shapes.

  2. Wash lightbulb with vinegar and water. Cute a piece of gold cord approx. 18 inches long. Wrap from the middle around the metal part of the bulb and tie a knot. Then pull the two ends up and knot them. This will be your hanger. Hold the bulb by the thread and lightly spray with flat white paint. Hang to dry.

Painting Procedure:

  1. Using the sippling brush, dab white on the entire bulb. Let dry.

  2. With black, base eyes, pull eyelashes, and smile lines and mouth. You can also outline arms. Put a small white highlight in each eye.

  3. With red, make a wash and paint circles for the cheeks and pull a small stroke under the center of the mouth.

  4. With orange, pull a carrot nose. Irreguarly line along bottom with orange plus a little black.

  5. Paint hat black or dark blue or green. Try picking a color from your fabric. When dry, dab a little white on the edges and crown for snow.

  6. Cut a strib of fabrice about 3/8 inches wide and 12 inches long. Tie a knot in each end. Fold and scrunch and glue around neck. Make a small bow for hat by tieing a knot in a strip of fabric and trimming ends at an angle. Glue this to the hat.

  7. Use a sharp pencil or large needle to gently poke a hole in the top of the hat. Thread hanger up through the hat and place the hat down over the metal part of the bulb. Glue, if needed.

Your snowman is now ready to display!!!

Other ideas:

  1. Stuff raffia up under the hat for hair.
  2. Use Creative Paper Clay or Model Magic to make arms dimensional.
  3. Use raffia or straw and a toothpick and make a broom to glue under the arm.
  4. Paint a candy cane, birdhouse, etc. hanging from his hand.

Enjoy! Happy Painting!


Copyright: Linda Williford

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