Ask Bob: Increasing Gas Mileage

by Bob DeP.

I have a Ford F150 1996 with a 351. I get 15 mpg on the highway. How can I improve this?

I have a 96 Bronco with the 5.8 litre engine. 15 is about what they get. Actually, you said 15 highway. I get like 14 city 17-18 highway. Depends mostly on your driving habits, but that is close to what they get. But here are a couple of guidelines to follow.

  1. Make sure that the tires are the correct size and inflated to the proper pressure. Sources indicate that a 1 psi difference could result in a 2 mpg loss.
  2. Do not carry any extra payload on a regular basis. 300-500 pounds extra can decrease fuel economy by 2-3 mpg.
  3. Are you using the correct fuel for the truck? Are you using a name brand fuel?
  4. Is the vehicle properly maintained?

Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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