Romantic Valentine's Ideas Part Three

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Cookies and Candlelight

Well, when my husband and I were first dating, I was performing in a musical and was busy most evenings. Therefore when we did go out it was kind of late. We would always just hang out and talk or look at old pictures. That kind of stuff. I told him one time that the next time I wanted to go on a real date. Well, at 9:30 on a Tuesday night, that's not a very easy thing to plan. So he picked me up after the show and we went to the grocery store. There we bought everything you need to make chocolate chip cookies. We went back to his parents' house, made cookies, and then ate them by candlelight while we laughed and played twenty questions about each other. It was so much fun. He called it the first annual "Cookies and Candlelight Celebration." Now we are married and every year we celebrate it again.
Megen W

Find the Valentine

I was the recipient of a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. On the kitchen counter was a short poem with a few pieces of chocolate candy. The poem told me I was loved and why, my financial expertise. I went to the computer, and found more candy and another poem. At the end of several stops, I found a coffee cup that said "I Love You" on it and a chocolate heart. The little poems were so sweet, and I love chocolate. I have treasured this memory for several years. My husband still reaps rewards for being so romantic.

Swing Shift

My husband works swing shifts and, during the morning/early afternoon hours when he is home, we are busy caring for 6 young children (including four special needs kids). Not much time left for romance!

One night, I set the alarm to wake up a bit before he got home from work. He came home to a dark house, with candles lighting a path to the bedroom. A note was on the door to enter the bedroom, turn on the CD player (to a CD I'd already put in) and wait for me.

It was relatively simple, no extra cost....but what made it more romantic was that it was just a little bit different. He thought it was special that, after an exhausting day caring for a crew of preschoolers, I thought he was worth getting up for!

If I Were a Rich Man

Get a photo album (plain or fancy). Then fill it with pictures of what you would like to give your beloved. You can be funny or serious and the only limit is your imagination. Some ideas that come to mind are a trip with pictures from a travel brochure, new furniture from a sales flyer, a watch from a magazine, a new house shown in the paper.

The beginning page could say something like, I am rich because I have you, but if I were financially rich these are the things I would love to give you. You can also do poetry, there are sites on the Internet if you are not talented in that field.

Save Postage

Thought you might like to hear another money-saving romance idea. My husband and I were married at a young age (18 & 20) and, like most newlyweds, didn't have much money. So we enjoyed going to the card shop in the mall to read the cards for various holidays. We would spend quite a long time picking out a card for each other. While still in the store, we'd exchange the cards then put them back. To this day, when we go to a card shop, we both reminisce about those times. This year we'll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with our 12 & 16 yr. old children.
Carol D. in So. Calif.

My Girl

Well, this isn't exactly my story, but it involved my roommate, Kerry. It was either on Valentine's one year or her birthday. Her boyfriend (at the time - they are now very happily married with twins!) came to the block of apartments where we were living and rang the bell. He had warned me ahead of time what he was planning to do, so I was in the know. When the bell rang, I asked Kerry to go to the window and see who was down there as it was 7.30 am and "we weren't expecting anyone"! When she got to the window, she looked down to see her boyfriend, Joe, dressed in a tuxedo, clutching a red rose and singing "My Girl." A ghetto blaster was providing the background music and a couple of his friends, also dressed up, were doing background vocals and a dance routine behind him! I don't know what the neighbours must have been thinking! But Kerry was extremely flattered!

Up on the Roof

My most romantic moment was on a parking garage. I took my girlfriend, now my fiance, to the top of a tall parking garage. I had purchased her very favorite cookies from the bakery, and a glass bottle of milk. We sat on the car, cookies laid out on a pretty cloth napkin, and watched the sun go down, then watched the city light up. I don't recommend just buying a pack of oreo's. If you don't want to get them from a bakery, make them yourself. Cellophane is not romantic; I went for a no trash kind of atmosphere. Kind of old-fashioned too. This was a hugely successful date, and she still talks about it to me, and brags to her friends about how sweet it was.

Special Memories

For Christmas I bought my then boyfriend (we're married now) a small hardcover notebook. I found it in the bargain bin. I wrote a poem in the begiining and the purpose of the book. Purpose? In the little book, we write a page for all sorts of special occasions, such as special vacations, meeting each other's family, our engagment, wedding, and the day we found out we were expecting our first child. We can go back to this book and capture our feelings and relive the memories of our life together. All for $2.
Vanessa C

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