Installing Vinyl Tile

by Sundance

  1. If this is your first time, buy good, but inexpensive tile. I got a discontinued pattern, 30 sq ft for $12.

  2. Buy an extra box because you will make mistakes.

  3. Clean the existing floor of all dust and dirt.

  4. Send your mate (partner) away. If he helps, you will fight and may get a divorce.

  5. Instead of putting the glue on the floor and then putting the tile on the glue, I found putting a small amount of glue on the tile and then putting the tile on the floor was not as messy and held as good.

  6. Work slowly. It took me three days at about two hours a day to do 64 sq. feet, but we only have one bathroom.

  7. Play music while you do it. It makes the time go faster.

  8. Don't do it when it is hot. I did it one week in July when my husband was gone and it was 108 degrees.

  9. Use paper to make your patterns for toilets, sinks, and tubs, etc. And use a sharpie marker. Cut along the marked line.

  10. Put the pattern down two or three times before you actually mark on the tile. Flip the tile and the pattern over and mark on the wrong side of the tile.

  11. You will get the tile cement on your hands, arms, scissors, etc. Take it off with waterless hand soap.

  12. If any tile cement creeps between the tiles, take it off with waterless hand soap, too. Use a scraper to gently get up the extra cement.

  13. I went back six months later, and went over every seam with the waterless hand soap to clean up any remaining cement.

The most important thing is to pick a tile that does not have a pattern that is noticable if you put one tile in the wrong direction. I got tile that looks like gray granite and it really looks wonderful. I had the job estimated at $500 by a flooring company. I did the job, buying all the tools and supplies for $72. I hope this helps someone who thinks they can't do it or even someone who may have done it a couple of times.

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