Frugal Fitness: Weight Loss Requires Exercise

by Greg Landry, M.S. Exercise Physiologist

I received a call last week that was typical of one that I receive once or twice a month. It was from a 39-year-old woman who wanted to lose weight, but there was one catch. She said she was absolutely not going to exercise.

Here are the facts folks. Your chances of losing weight and maintaining that loss, without regular exercise, are less than 1%. That's right, less than 1%! I know, I know. You know someone that has lost weight without exercising. Two things to consider:

  1. Their muscles are practically gone and what's left is really mushy. If they lost weight without exercising, they lost alot of muscle! That's bad news for their metabolism, muscle tone, health and looks.

  2. Once they've lost muscle, their chances of maintaining their weight loss is virtually zip.

Our muscles were made to be used. We are our healthiest when they are used daily. We don't have to use them in our daily lives as our ancestors did so we need "exercise"!

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