Travel Time Can Be Productive Time

by Arthur A. Hawkins II

The biggest complaint I hear from business owners/managers (including me) is that with all they have to do they just don't have enough time. Yet a lot of time is wasted on unproductive travel. WHY? Business involves a certain amount of travel: going to and from the office (even between rooms at home), meeting/visiting clients, picking up supplies, going out to eat or surfing the Net. Unfortunately, much of this travel is poorly organized and wasted.

Save time and money by organizing your errands, surfing and travel time. Think about it- accessing your ISP takes time and costs money; warming up a cold car engine causes wear and tear, wastes fuel and takes time. And each time you go out in cold weather, you have to spend more time to put on coat, hat, boots. Avoid this by making as few trips as possible--and use "waiting" time and time stuck in traffic productively, i.e., reading, listening to "business" tapes.

Take this quick test to see how well you handle your "travel" time:
Do you know why you are traveling and what you hope to accomplish?
Do you spend excessive amounts of time waiting; "rush" hour, the Internet, buses, trains, planes, meals, etc.?
Do you make more than one trip to get what you need?
Do you constantly make "small" trips that don't accomplish much?
Do you make appointments or check ahead to see if people/products/services are available, and priced fairly?
Do you take the quickest route to reach your destination?
Do you get sidetracked along the way? Must you travel in high traffic X times (including logging onto the Internet)?
How many trips do you make a day? Is each necessary? Why?
Can you honestly say that you make the most of your "travel" time?
Can your "travel" time be better used/arranged? how?

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How To Use Travel Time Effectively was inspired by Arthur A. Hawkins II's book THE Self-Employment Resource Guide. .

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