My Wedding Dress

by Lindsay Marlow

I am getting married in October of this year, and I got a really good bargain when I was shopping for my wedding dress.

I went dress shopping with my mom and my best friend, and I found my dream dress. I knew that it was the "one", and had to get it. The problem was that the dress alone was $595. Hmmm, by the time you include alterations, bustling, and sales tax, you are talking about 700-800 dollars here. I definitely did not want to pay that. so I sat down with the phone book, and started calling bridal stores. I did the old-fashioned hassling over price thing. I said, " I can get this dress for this price at this store, can you meet competitor's prices?" I finally ended up at the store that I wanted to get the dress from, and they offered it to me for $540.

I then decided to wait, and see if there were any good sales going on when the bridal fair was in town. I am glad I did, because my store offered 10% off every dress, and they will only charge $35 for ALL alterations, bustling, and a garter thrown in.

The bargain? I got the dress for $580, including alterations, bustling, and sales tax from a store that I liked and trusted. (dress-$513, alterations and bustling-$35, sales tax-$38 and odd change) I am one happy bride-to-be!

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