Ask Bob: Voyager Mystery Wipers

by Bob DeP.

Hi Bob,
I have a '92 Plymouth Voyager. About a week ago we started experiencing the following problem. For an unknown reason the wipers begin to function intermittently. We make sure that they are off and it still occurs. Our wiper switch is on the dash and has an OFF position, an intermittent range, a low position and a high position. I removed the fuse for the wiper and then the wipers do not work (of course), however, we still hear the 'clicking' of the intermittent switch even though the fuse is out and there is no power going to the wipers. Is it worth my time and effort to find the intermittent switch and replace it or should I just take it to the shop. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks for any help. Financially, we really don't need this right now, so I would like to troubleshoot it myself as much as possible.

What you hear clicking is the relay. The intermittent switch is telling the relay to close and give power to the wipers. The fuse that you pulled would be for the wipers, not the switch or the relay. It seems to me that off really isn't off and is stuck in low intermittent. I would attempt to fix this myself. What harm could it do, but you must remember to keep it functional, in case it rains!
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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