Frugal Fitness: Top 10 Reasons To Get Fit Now!

by Greg Landry, M.S. Exercise Physiologist

10.You'll be able to fit into all of those clothes in your closet!
9. You'll feel better and have more energy!
8. You'll require less sleep!
7. Your friends, relatives and co-workers will comment on how good you look!
6. You'll be healthier and live longer!
5. Exercise will be easier, more enjoyable, and less embarrassing!
4. You'll be able to climb stairs without becoming breathless!
3. You'll look younger!
2. You'll be more confident!
1. Aaaaaannnndd... the number one reason why you should get fit now (as submitted by one of my readers) "I'll be able to zip my jeans without pliers!" )

Author and exercise physiologist, Greg Landry, M.S., publishes articles on "Fitness, Health, & Weight Loss". Visit his website at

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