Ask Bob: Door Sags

by Bob DeP.

Dear Bob,
First let me say I enjoy reading your column in the Dollar Stretcher. I have a 1984 Ford Econoline Conversion Van, and the front passenger door doesn't close properly. You have to lift up on the door when shutting it. It seems like its out of line. Is this something I can fix without taking it to the shop? I would really appreciate any suggestions you can give me to fix this problem. Keep up the good work!
Shirley J.

Nine times out of ten this is due to "sagging" hinges. The first thing I would attempt it to tighten all the bolts that bold the door to the hinge and the hinge to the car. Sometimes these hinges need replacement. On other less frequent occasions, the striker post has somehow shifted and needs to be realigned.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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