A Children's Clothing Swap Meet

by Lisa Maas

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Editor's note: The following was taken from a proposal for a group of families on a base for US service personnel. It's presented to give you an idea that might work with a group from your school, church, work, scouts or anywhere else that parents gather. You may be inspired to try something similar.

P.C.P.G. Swap Meet
Parent and Child Play Group

Thank you for your interest. The Parent and Child Play Groups would like to sponsor a swap meet. In order to participate all one would need is childrens items that are in good condition. These items would be given to the Swap Meet, POC Lisa Maas, on the condition that they are donated items. There will be no gaurantees of items in return. For donated items, members of the P.C.P.G. will recieve a coupon for each item accepted. The members will then attend a swap meet in which they may trade in the coupons for items of their choice that day only. Items will be unavailable for purchase. All unclaimed items will be given to the Airman's Attic.


Members will be encouraged to donate clothing, shoes, books, toys, and decortative items that are in good condition. Anything that is stained, torn, or unuseable will not be credited with a coupon. This screening in necessary to ensure that an individual donating items will at least have the chance to redeem thier coupons for items of similar qualitiy.


The swap meet will be staffed by parents involved with the Parent and Child Play Group that is sponsored by the Family Support Center. These volunteers will be able to cash in their coupons 1 hour prior to the opening of the swap meet. The voluteer slots will be open on a first come first serve basis. There will be a need for at least 10 persons. Each volunteer will be responsible for manning their table or area. As members pick up items they will turn in coupons for the items in that area to the volunteer.

Calendar of Events

  • April 1 First day of donations collected
  • May 1 Donated items sorted
  • May ? P.C.P.G.

Any item of good quality for donation will be credited with one coupon.

  • All Childrens items will be accepted such as clothing, educational material (books, tapes, etc.), toys, decorations, and small furniture.
  • Items must be clean, without extreme wear, tears, markings, or holes.
  • No items can be returned after donation for any reason.
  • Coupons are redeemable at the designated time and day of the swap meet only and are non-refundable.
  • All donations are non-returnable, there will be no exceptions!
  • Any unclaimed items will be taken as soon as possible by Lisa Maas to the Airman's Attic.
  • Items will be accepted with coupons on an "AS IS" basis, no returns or exchanges accepted.


  • Each item accepted will earn the member one coupon.
  • Coupons will be designed and produced using the computer at the Parent and Child Play Group Center. Printed on standard paper but endorsed by a special stamp.
  • Coupons are good for one time only, non-refundable, and unreimberseable.

At the time of the swap meet coupons will be retained by volunteers to be turned into Lisa M. The complied totals will be presented to the P.C.P.G. for furture inquires.


  • All volunteers are required to be members a Parent and Child Play Group.
  • Volunteers may donate items and recieve coupons prior to the day of the swap meet.
  • All volunteer coupons will be honored one hour prior to the opening of the event.

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