Insider Report: Stopping Telephone Solicitors

by KL

I work for one of the US's premiere Telemarketing firms and would like to give the 'lo-down' on how one can stop repeat or rude callers. (Unfortunately not all telemarketing firms are equal...) So here goes:

First, every single telemarketing sales rep (Known in the industry as a TSR) is legally obligated to tell you their full name-first and last- and whom they're calling for within the first seven seconds of the call. We're also legally obligated to offer you the phone number of the company we're calling for at the end of the call. If they don't they just might be scammers!

Second, every legitimate TSR who calls you will never under any circumstances ask you for payment. Nor will they ever ask you to provide any kind of account number. If they do they just might be scammers! (we're trained to respond to account questions with the answer "I don't have access to that information")

Third, hanging up immediately will only get you called back. Legally we can repeat call if we don't manage to tell you who we are and whom we are calling for. After we get that much out you need simply state "I'm not interested" or better yet: "I do not accept solicitation calls" then hang up 'softly' please, because we do have ears and our headsets are very sensitive! (thanks!!) If you wait till we identify ourselves we legally need to dispositon the call as "contacted and refused" Incidentally, we are monitored by the parent company which hired us nearly every single day... they do listen to these calls so if you use the second suggested phrase, perhaps they'll get the hint!!!

Fourth, Asking to be put on a do not call list will only work for that individual calling center and the companies that hire us will often use more than one... there are literally hundreds and thousands of call centers in the United States alone... a better tactic would be to read your disclosure statement in that credit card and you'll find that if you notify the company in writing that you don't want to be solicited you'll stand an excellent chance of never being called. (Write that note today!!) It's far less effort for you if you notify the five or six companies you do business with, than to ask several thousand call centers to do it!

Fifth, I have been contacted personally by one of my Credit Card companies to tell me my child had charged up almost a thousand dollars worth of stuff in one afternoon at the mall and they "thought I ought to know," so don't always assume the company is contacting you to "sell" something. They do contact clients for other reasons!!! Find out why you're being called before you scream, curse, or blow that whistle into the phone before hanging up...

Sixth, After I started working for this company I conducted an experiment; I accepted every single phone offer I received in a one year period. Of the 25 "things" I tried, I did end up cancelling most of them and of those cancelled it took one phone call on a toll-free line and not one single time was I billed for something I'd cancelled. (Incidentally, I did change long distance carriers, and picked up two insurance policies which I have used, and got to keep several sports watch sets which I gave away as gifts....!!) So occasionally you will find something worthwhile keeping, but a trial is about the only way you'll get to really check it out, which is why we always guarantee a thirty day satisfaction clause so the consumer has their money back if not delighted-

Generally speaking if you've had a problem with cancellation it's because you've called the wrong phone number and nowadays the credit card company will put the 800 number of the correct company to call for cancellation right behind the charge on the statement. The number is always on or in the information you're sent as well. Guaranteed!

and Finally: For those of you who feel a TSR needs to find a 'real' job, I'd like to say that you simply have no idea how much money we make at this... it is a very lucrative living. This is a real job and those of us who are good at it will leave you feeling satisfied and confidant that you've chosen wisely.

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