Grocery Shop for Less

by Sarah Delaporte

I have found some tips about grocery shopping that you won't find in Good Housekeeping magazine. If you use these methods, you can easily cut your grocery bill by a minimum of 30%.

Have you ever enjoyed a product (such as Tropicana Juice) so much that you wished that you could let the company know? Have you ever had a problem with a company and you wanted to let them know about it? Companies thrive on consumer input. This is why most grocery products have an address and phone number you can contact on the back of the product. If you have a compliment or complaint, you can let the company know.

When you contact a company concerning their product, be sure to request coupons good on that product. First, let them know what you like or dislike about their product. Second, request the coupons. Ninety percent of companies will send you coupons good for money off their product, five percent will send you coupons good for a FREE product (you are required to pay sales tax) and the other five percent will send you a letter or recipes.

This is a great way to receive coupons good on products you buy at the grocery store.

Another more common way to save money on your grocery bill is to use coupons with a store sale. You can cut your grocery bill by 1/3 by using this simple method.

For more information on this method of saving money on your grocery bills and subscription information, visit Freebie Coupon Corner Newsletter at

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