Frugal Fitness: What Should I Eat?

by Greg Landry, M.S. Exercise Physiologist

When you get confused about what you should and shouldn't be eating... what's good for this and what's bad for that... just get back to the BASICS! You can't go wrong with this. God created fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts for us to consume. We are healthiest as a population when we do that (less heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.). He intended for us to eat them as they are in nature. For example, I don't think he intended broccoli to be covered with cheese sauce. He intended for us to eat corn and peanuts as they are and not for us to squeeze the oil out of them to eat as a concentrated source of fat. He intended for us to eat beets as they are and not to use the concentrated sugar from them to sweeten other things. If you eat food more or less as it is in nature, and in moderation, you usually can't go wrong... think NATURAL!

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