I Quit Ironing

by Tamela from Canada

As a working woman (office) on a strict clothing budget, and also one who who rather spend those last early morning minutes sleeping instead of ironing, I realized that I had to do something drastic about my wardrobe.

It seemed that the clothes I was drawn to all required ironing. There are two great second-hand clothing outlets in our town, but I began to see that there is often a good reason why people give away their old clothes. Because they were cheap, I'd bring home a really odd assortment of styles and colors. (Which of course never matched anything I already owned.) And many of these 'treasures' required hand washing and ironing.

Now I choose clothes more for ease of wear rather than some image I think I might be projecting. I look at the clothes I've practically worn out and ask myself why I've loved wearing them. All of them are no-iron, look great on me, and feel great.

Instead of spending money on second-hand clothes I'll never wear, I do spend some money on things like neutral tops and socks that fit great and slacks that I know I'll still be wearing in a few years.

I still get the occasional great 'find' at the second-hand stores, but I buy far less than I used to. It's really simplified my life to pare down my wardrobe to five or six easy-wear outfits.

And the clothes that don't go along with my new wardrobe go back to--you guessed it--the second-hand clothing stores.

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