Homemade Bubble Bath

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How to Make Bubble Bath

I'm looking for a tearless bubble bath recipe that I can make at home for my children. Any ideas welcome!
Thank you.

Editor's note: Some pediatricians warn that bubble baths can cause urinary tract problems (especially in girls). Please consult your child's doctor for the appropriate medical advice. Obviously your child's health is much more important that a little fun or saving some money.

Start With Softsoap

My four-year-old has sensitive skin, so I avoid all the perfumed things called *bubble bath* at the stores. Instead, at the Sam's warehouse club store, we buy gallon containers of Softsoap. At our Sam's it is priced about $5 (I think--my husband has bought the last few and a gallon jug lasts months when used just for bubble bath). I find that the antibacterial Softsoap makes better bubbles.
Shari A.

We Use Dove

We keep a bottle of Dove dishwashing liquid on the side of the tub to use as bubble bath for the kids. It's very mild, extremely inexpensive per use, and doesn't have perfumes or dyes which can irritate young skin.

My Own Concoction

I have played around with many concoctions. The best and most economical solution I have found is as follows. Mix one part any type of shampoo to two parts plain tap water. I use a bubble bath bottle they already had. Shake well. Don't worry, the bubbles will settle and you will have a nice bubble bath solution. Pour a little under running water as you fill the tub. Since the reader is looking for a tearless recipe, I would suggest using any kind of "tear free" baby shampoo. This method seems to make a long lasting amount of bubbles for my children.

SOAR Shows How to Make Bubble Bath

I found this recipe on the SOAR site:
Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.03

1 qt Water
1 Bar castille soap, grated
2 oz Glycerine
3 dr Perfume

1 qt Water
1 Bar grated castille soap
3 oz Glycerine
3 dr Lilac perfume

1 qt Water
1 Bar grated castille soap
2 oz Coconut oil
1 oz Glycerine
3 dr Violet perfume or 2 dr Voilet floral oil

Any good soap can be used to make bubble bath, but castille generally is preferred. Before the soap can be made into bubble bath it must be converted to a liquid. To do this grate 1 bar of castille soap into 1 quart of water (warm water helps dissolve the soap faster). Allow the soap and water to mix well so that you have a liquid soap solution. There are two ingredients that can convert liquid soap into bubble bath. These ingredients can be used together or independantly of each other. An old-fashion way to make bubble bath is to add glycerine to liquid soap (soap shaving and water.) Glycerine has the ability to make bubbles and increase suds. Coconut oil is often used as a substitute for glycerine, which is usually much higher priced. Coconut oil is very effective at creating lather. Both glycerine and coconut oil are known for their special skin-softening properties.

Source: Making Potpourri, Colonges and Soaps;102 Natural Recipes

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