Saving On Cereal

by Marybeth Henry & Amanda Formaro

With children in the house, you probably go through plenty of cereal on a regular basis. But do you stick to the smaller boxes because everyone likes something different, and you don't want the cereal to go stale before the box is finished? A simple trick my friend's mom taught me: buy all your cereal in the jumbo boxes, and then separate it into Ziploc bags (whatever size you like) and store the extra bags in the pantry. The cereal stays fresh, and you can still get the discount prices. (This also beats the price of buying the individual boxes for snacks. Simply separate the cereal into snack-size bags, and let your kids take those as snacks, instead of the boxes).

Another thing you can do is save the empty boxes of the expensive cereal. Then buy the cheaper bagged cereals and refill the brand-name boxes with the less expensive product. Or you can use plastic storage containers to keep your cereal in. Your family will not know the difference.

Did you know that many brand-name cereal companies sell *odd* batches of brand name cereals to generic companies? *Odd* batches could mean that the marshmallows did not come out the right color purple and did not meet the manufacturer's specifications. For all you know you ARE buying a brand-name cereal in that generic box or bag!

And lastly, always buy the generic cereals when they go on sale! Stock up on several boxes. Cereal can be very expensive. If you shop wisely, you can save a considerable amount of money.

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